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The Land of the Geeky

2 February 1981
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I'm a 5th-year math graduate student at UCSD. Before I was at UCLA doing math/compsci. Guess which one I ended up liking better. My current interest (still subject to change, often from minute to minute) is in geometric analysis, an area of math at the intersection of differential geometry and analysis. Of equal importance, and perhaps greater difficulty, I am also on a quest to become more Mature, Responsible, Assertive, and Emotionally Stable (MRAES). However the existence of this LJ, of course, should be a testament to my failure to make much progress in that regard =)

So in my free time (hrm... what free time?), I try to do what's interesting... As you can see below, there's no shortage of that. Some of the more esoteric interests have (or eventually will have) entries to explain them; check to see whether an LJ-tag exists in this journal for that interest (yay for LJ-tags!)
abstract algebra, abstract nonsense, absurdity, algorithms, alphabets, analogies, applied mathematics, applying mathematics weirdly, arabic script, artificial intelligence, astronomy, being geeky, being nonsensical, being odd, being random, being silly, bertrand russell, biology, bitterness, black holes, brains, bubi, canons, carl friedrich gauss, chaos theory, chemistry, chinese characters, chosconis, classical music, complex analysis, computational mathematics, computers, correspondences, cosmological constant, cultural history, cutie pies, damn cool mathematical structures, die kunst der fuge, differential geometry, don quixote, donald knuth, dulcinea, etymology, extraterrestrials, fake meat, fourier analysis, fractals, frankel's geometry of physics, free software, fugues, functions, galois theory, geeks, godel escher bach, grammar, grammatical nonsense, greek letters, having crushes, how things work, interconnectedness, irrational numbers, irrationality, irregular verbs, isaac newton, islam, iteration, johann sebastian bach, joseph fourier, kurt goedel, languages, learning new things, leonhard euler, linear algebra, linguistics, linux, logic, ludwig van beethoven, making up words, making weird noises, maps, martin gardner, math jokes, mathematical duality, mathematicians, mathematics, memorizing digits of pi, morphology, mozart, music theory, nerds, nice people, noaths, nonsense, number theory, obsessive behavior, ockham's razor, open source, opera, otherness, paradoxes, parsimony, patterns, philosophy, phonetics, physics, pi, piano, prime numbers, programming, programming languages, pure evil, pure mathematics, quantum mechanics, racial politics, rationality, reading, real analysis, recreational mathematics, recursion, recursive structures, relativity theory, rereading, science, scientists, self-similarity, set theory, skepticism, soy, stendhalian crystallization, stephen hawking, string theory, sweetie pies, symmetry, tea, technology, the duality of man, the international phonetic alphabet, the number e, the symphony, tofu, topology, transcendental numbers, turing machines, voracious reading, weirdness, words, writing systems, æ, ,