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So here's the obligatory "Where were you when (history-making event) happened?" entry. I'd better record it now while the memory is still fresh....

The day started off reasonably early. I decided on an early morning last-minute review of various state and local propositions, and filled in my sample ballot appropriately. I chatted with |2avi, my main politics h0mie and fellow early (i.e. since before the primary election season) Obama supporter, about what was up, the fact that it was rainy, and whether or not there would be lines. I finally settled on a vote time of 10:30, skipping the usual before-work rush.

I simply went a block south to the condo complex clubhouse in which I'd voted for the '04, '06, and this year's primary elections. Surprisingly, they'd reverted to paper ballots. I remember doing '06 on machines. Die, bold! errr. I discreetly hid my Obama/Biden sticker under a zipped-up jacket (due to the law that there is to be no electioneering within 100 feet of the polls, I would have had to dispose of it). I took a good 15 minutes to vote, merely copying what I had done in my booklet. I had to leave a few blank, since I honestly did not know what the heck they were, and why were we even bothering to vote on it. I checked over it twice; it was so satisfying finally filling in that oval for Obama after 2 years of rooting for the guy.

After voting, I immediately proceeded to get my free Starbucks coffee. I'd heard that there were also free donuts---solid tori over at Krispy Kreme, but being all the over on Clairemont Mesa, I think I was going to pass on that. After the coffee I perceived a nagging growl in my stomach and decided to head over to have a gourmet lunch over at Whole Foods. Like the true liberal snob that I am. They had chimichangas, samosas, red potatoes... all excellent stuff.

Finally back at my place I packed up my computer and headed off to campus, in order to prepare for sections, which would occur during the first poll closings.. I was sorely tempted to cancel section and just watch and cheer. Instead what I did was take the computer to section and kept reloading at convenient moments. The students were very upbeat as well (even with the few straggler McCain supporters).

The first really good news: the networks all called Pennsylvania having 0% of precincts reporting. I was extremely nervous over this since last minute polling showed a tightening race. In retrospect, of course, this was complete paranoia. Then Virginia was placed in Obama's column, and that's when I knew it was going to be a short night. The class cheered.

By 6pm, which was my dinner time, it was pretty certain. Over a pita sandwich, I sat reloading every once in a while on my laptop. The networks also called Ohio much earlier than I was expecting. For the 7:00 section we pretty much knew that by the end of section, the election would be called, since the polls would be closed at 8pm Pacific, in 3 certain Obama states whose electoral votes would put it over 270. It was not going to be the long nail-biter of a night I was dreading, after all.

When the election was officially called, I was in my office, having just returned from section, wrapping it all up. I cleaned things up and watched the acceptance speech before meeting up with some other h0mies at TGI Friday's, although it was quite empty and there was not much cheering to watch, since all the excitement had already happened. Slightly disappointing, as there wasn't a big party, but hey, I'm not complaining... I'm very thankful there wasn't another nail-biter and Supreme Court selection and have another election steal!